The clean energy revolution is here, and Massachusetts is at the forefront.

Still, nearly 80 percent of American households are left out of the solar market. As clean energy technologies reach scale, costs continue to plummet, and new technologies arrive in the market, how will the industry expand its offerings to meet the needs of new communities?

In this convening, we go beyond the headlines and look at the next wave of clean energy entrepreneurship: at the customer-focused innovations that will bring cleantech to the mainstream. Boston’s innovation community is a hub of activity in this space, with startups working to make clean energy easy and accessible.

Join some of our community’s leading cleantech innovators, from startups like Solstice and Resonant Energy, to investors like the Clean Energy Venture Group, to the country’s largest cleantech accelerator, Greentown Labs, for a conversation on inclusiveness in the clean energy transition. They’ll address issues of energy equity, and how these groups are offering the solutions that will bring sustainable technologies to every American household.

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July 12, 2018