Chilean Startup Showcase

In-person session | Pitch Competition, Learn

October 6, 2022 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

15 innovative Chilean startups. 90-seconds to pitch. 4 judges. Get a taste of what makes Chile the #1 Latin American country for Innovation (Global innovation Index 2021) at this pitch feedback session. 


Biombillas: Biodegradable straws made from cereal cane, certified by HACCP and commercially validated, manufactured through a technology-based industrial process. 

Blups: Edible straw made with ingredients of plant and natural origin; In addition to resisting temperatures and maintaining its shape, it is biodegradable and compostable. 

CloudPromo: Benefits management platform and customer loyalty. It incorporates new modules based on analytics, Machine Learning and web scraping to generate personalized promotions and benefits per customer. 

EMMA (by Asgreen): Digital platform for energy management. Developed with artificial intelligence, it facilitates energy management for decision makers, achieving sustained savings of up to 15% in energy consumption. 

FACTO: B2B Marketplace designed as a platform that increases the profitability of a company by integrating various information −such as inventories, customers, reports, collections and taxes− to automate sales cycles. 

Kon3cta: Mental health platform for work teams, encouraging employees to live a happier and more balanced life, encouraging organizations to provide mental health support that is accessible, personalized and effective. 

MDEyeCare: Vision evaluation system that allows detecting vision problems at an early age, through an easy-to-use platform that uses artificial intelligence, allowing the delivery of eye exam results quickly and accurately. 

MyRIAM System: Comprehensive technological solution specialized in industrial maintenance based on 4.0 technologies, which allows the integration of a large amount of data for analysis and informed decision-making, in order to increase industrial performance. 

Neocrop Technologies: Development of new crop seeds in record time, combining gene editing, rapid breeding and artificial intelligence, with the aim of offering sustainable agricultural production adapted to climate change conditions, thus helping to guarantee global food demand and nutrition. 

Nua Talker: Customer service solution that automates conversations through voice and text channels and supports integration with third-party platforms, such as CRM and ERP, increasing the productivity of call center agents. 

Ocean Arks Tech: Vessel that allows fish to be farmed in the high seas in a sustainable way, using copper mesh and patented technology, reducing problems associated with coastal farming, such as the degradation of the seabed, fish disease and mortality, and the use of antibiotics and chemicals. 

P&M Foods: Functional foods, which simulate everyday meals, which are low in calories, gluten-free, vegan, high in protein and dietary fiber and have a satiating effect, in order to improve the diet and make it healthier. 

Remote Waters: Water purification systems, with low-cost operation and rapid installation, to guarantee access to drinking water for communities that do not have access to it. 

SIDGMAN Coupling: Innovative coupling system to join industrial steel pipes that transport corrosive or abrasive fluids, increasing the safety and useful life of the pipe and reducing installation times. 

T-share: Collaborative social network for Spanish-speaking educators, which combines interactions in social networks, online training and monetary rewards, to take their teaching methods to the next level.

October 6, 2022