Chilean Startup Pitch Night

In-person session | Pitch Competition

October 12, 2023 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: Havana Room

ChileMass is proud to introduce a dynamic cohort of ten innovative Chilean startups. In this pitch feedback session, each startup will present their groundbreaking technologies in just 2-minutes, facing a distinguished panel of angel investors and venture capitalists. Experience firsthand what positions Chile as the #1 Latin American country for Innovation, as recognized in the Global Innovation Index 2022.

Chile Innovation Night is powered by ChileMass, a non-profit organization fostering collaboration and innovation between Chile and Massachusetts, promoting economic and technological advancements. They facilitate partnerships, knowledge exchange, and investment opportunities, driving growth and impact in both regions.


WHO’S IN THE ROOM? Click each companies’ logo to find out more!

PhageLab develops a new, safe and effective custom-made bacterial controller for the livestock industry in less than 45 days, through a streamlined sampling protocol and an AI-powered selection for the right bacteriophages for efficient bacterial elimination.

SeQure Quantum is a deep-tech company focused on secure communication applications based on emerging Quantum Technologies. Our patented self-testing Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) provides security through self- testing. It is an active quantum random number generator, such that the quantum signature of the output can be certified along with the private entropy. This makes the device robust against hardware malfunctions, as well as hardware attacks.

Bifidice is the first gut microbiome biotech startup that created a technology stabilizing healthy bacterias to transform microbiota’s composition. They applied this technology to frozen products and validated it in decreasing allergies and chronic diseases by up to 75%.

An innovative company specializing in Nanobubble Solutions for Agriculture, Industry, and Aquaculture. Our cutting-edge solutions optimize processes and conserve vital resources. We strongly focus on efficiency and deliver comprehensive support through our “Hardware as a Service” (HaaS) model.

Bioelements is a biotechnology and circular economy company that produces sustainable bioplastics for packaging, films, and bags. In 2016, they developed BioE-8 resin, which is biodegradable and compostable. Today, it not only forms the core of the company and its products but also represents BioElements’ solution to address environmental issues.

Reborn Electric Motors is the leading electric bus factory in Latin America. Founded in 2016, they began with the development of a public transport bus conversion model in Santiago, seizing the opportunity to extend the useful life of machinery that was becoming obsolete in a sustainable way.

We are a startup that aims to allow people to become first-time homeowners without the barrier of having a down payment. We buy the home for you and rent it to you for a predetermined period of time, while you save every month with the rent payment until you are ready to buy. We also help you qualify for a traditional mortgage.


Quimun is a solution for managing elderly care facilities, simplifying management, saving time and money, and making the well-being of the elderly the primary focus of the residence. By generating data, we will be able to provide greater dignity to the elderly. 

We develop high technology based on artificial intelligence, computer vision, and biometrics. We offer products for detecting presentation attacks in facial identity verification, products for detecting the presence of alcohol, drugs, and fatigue through the iris, among others.

Aislacor together with the University of Concepción has developed a product that gives a more noble use of the eucalyptus bark, a natural insulating certified board, that will allow us in one hand to capture that CO2 contained in the material, and on the other hand replace part of the insulators used today that are highly polluting our world.

October 12, 2023