Join the C10 Labs team at Venture Café for roundtable discussions and a seasonal social on the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Our sessions will delve into critical aspects of AI, attracting a vibrant mix of students, entrepreneurs, investors, and community members.

Roundtable 1. AI for Healthcare with Raj Shah and Zain Patrawala

Let's discuss how AI is revolutionizing healthcare. From diagnostics to treatment, learn about the latest advancements and the potential impact on patient care and medical practices.

Roundtable 2: AI for Legal vs Legal for AI with Kimo Gandall & Michel Moravia

Engage in critical conversation on the comparative conversation of ethical, common law, and statutory frameworks that seek to govern AI. Explore not only existing frameworks, but how startups are tackling legal demand as it responds to emerging AI technologies

Roundtable 3: AI for Enterprise with Joe Sullivan

Join us for a round table discussing AI for the Enterprise. What are the main problems facing enterprise companies today? How can technology address these problems in a meaningful way? We’ll work collaboratively to discuss this and more during this interactive session.

Roundtable 4: AI for Climate with Yogi Nishanth

Engage in a discussion about the role of AI for Energy Efficiency. How can we create high-moat companies in this space?

December 14, 2023