J. Michael Delmage, ArcPoint Strategy Life Sciences, Moderator

Today’s life science companies must operate at the intersection of clinical, financial, legal, market, regulatory, and scientific disciplines. They face significant pressures and challenges to navigate a profitable course to innovation and market delivery. At times, critical gaps in expectations, process, timelines, and budget exist between the management team and the investment team. How can life science teams and investors work together to deliver on their promise of innovation? This panel of experts will share real-life perspectives and lessons learned important to life sciences ventures. Hear answers to the questions such as: • What internal organizational forces currently impact your ability to fund innovation? • How can you build in risk and navigate through the uncertainties of product innovation and planning? • What are the common pitfalls made by life science managers and investors, and how can you learn to avoid them? • How can you stay on budget while building in contingencies?


Susanna High

Dr. Frank Barros

Dr. Rathi Srinivas

Wayne Johnson

Dr. Martin Heidecker

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