Affinity Group: Founders Over 55

In-person session

June 6, 2019 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

About this Event

The Founders Over 55 Club is a collegial community of startups and companies run by founders in their encore careers. We are a member-led organization to celebrate and educate each other along our professional and personal journeys to start and build thriving businesses over the age of 55.

Join us to launch the club at VentureCafe and help shape the agenda!

We’ll discuss:

  • What motivates founders over 55? . . . is it all about the money? the life-purpose? the intellectual, creative and social engagement?
  • What drives the success of our ventures? . . . is it lifelong experience and wisdom? renewed curiosity? blending the old with the new?
  • What resources are most valuable/needed? . . . access to capital, markets, and partners? visibility (without bias) in the ecosystem? convening small roundtables and large events for updating skills and expanding networks? customized crash-courses in current biztech tools and strategies? advocacy to raise awareness of ageism?
  • What are the practical challenges and best-practices? . . . managing the financial complexity of accumulated wealth with the risk of starting/owning a business in our “4th quarter”? balancing a healthy lifestyle as we age with the demands of running a successful business in today’s hyper-competitive climate? adopting fresh mindsets and behaviors to transition from corporate careers to solo self-made careers?
  • What else is on your mind??!!

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The Founders Over 55 Club is an initiative of AGENCY: Worldwide Innovation for Living Longer and Aging Better. AGENCY is equal parts coworking, programming, and an international community of innovators to make the aging journey better for all.

June 6, 2019