Computer science, AI, MIT – sounds like an explosive mix? That is exactly what Tanay Wakhare is pursuing as a PhD student at MIT. New AI applications and use cases are being developed every day across every industry, even enabling other disciplines to achieve their true potential. It is surely a different time, and we are witnessing a different scale. ASMLs 380M High NA EUV chip making machine is the size of a double decker bus, and Sam Altman is only raising ‘just’ 7 trillion to start his new semiconductor venture. CIC announced a partnership with C10 labs, aiming to build an ecosystem where experts across several industries, ethics advisers, investors and entrepreneurs can collaborate – one that reaches the same global renown as the state’s life sciences and robotics industries.


Last week Governor Haley announced a Strategic Task Force to study GenAI technology and its impact on the state, private businesses, higher education institutions, seeking 100M to create an Applied AI Hub in Massachusetts. Young, smart and ambitious students like Tanay are at the forefront of this revolution – come join us for a great discussion and hear Tanay’s view on AI, how his world of pure mathematics relates and extends to the development of AI applications and products that are set to transform our lives. This is a conversation that lives at the heart of cutting-edge technology coming out of MIT.


This session will be moderated by Dr. Suman Lal, a Senior Innovation Advisor at CIC.

February 22, 2024