A Fireside Chat with Chris Stepanian, Deep-Tech Expert

In-person session | Learn

February 8, 2024 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: Santo Domingo

Technology commercialization is at the heart of innovation ecosystems – we are delighted to welcome Chris Stepanian where we plan to talk about his experience with hard/deep-tech commercialization and entrepreneurship.

Having more than 20 US patents granted to date, Chris has multiple engineering degrees and an MBA from the Sloan Fellows program at MIT. In addition, Chris has more than thirty years of experience developing and commercializing products in hard/deep-tech – aerospace, automotive, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutical/medical device industries. He has been at the beginning of innovation in what became the first, major innovation in the insulation market in decades at Aspen Aerogels (NYSE: ASPN), holding a variety of roles, ranging from R&D to operations to finance. He was a co-founder and CEO of Windgap Medical where he found and developed products for life threatening conditions like anaphylaxis and chronic condition treatments in need of high-compliance delivery methods. This involved the formulation and reconstitution or suspension of a drug before automatic injection, an enabling approach for a variety of drugs. In support of that effort he raised over $70 Million through a variety of individual angels, angel groups, non-conventional and conventional venture funds. The company is in pre-FDA submission for its initial product, an emergency treatment for anaphylaxis which is going to market in partnership with ALK Abello.

In this session, we will learn from Chris about the difficulties of executing hard/deep-tech, the necessary timelines, and financing challenges. We will also take this opportunity to hear his take on why not all ideas are good businesses, and not all good businesses are funding candidates by angels or VCs – and talk a little bit about how the math works on all of these. This session will be moderated by Dr. Suman Lal, Senior Advisor at CIC.

February 8, 2024