6pm Flash Talks

In-person session

May 24, 2018 | 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

Join us for Flash Talks led by community members on a variety of topics within FinTech. These smaller sessions are designed to facilitate interactive discussions and activities.

Check back soon for updates including room assignments and new additions. If you’d like to apply to host a Flash Talk, fill out this form.

Fraud and the Dark Web led by Dustin Clinard of RISKIDENT: Learn about the basics of online fraud as it relates to e-commerce, telecom, and financial services organizations. Find out more about the Dark Web and how data is accessed and used for fraud. Located in: Lhasa room.

Rethinking Ownership: Startup Innovations in Home Finance led by Hannah Arnold of F Prime Capital: From shared equity to homeshare agreements to true co-living, startups across the ecosystem are creating innovative new products to help solve homeownership for this new generation of homebuyers. Learn about the broader landscape of emerging products as well as detail on the consumer value proposition and economics of these companies’ offers. Located in: Bengaluru room.

Identity and Personal Data as an Asset Class led by Dazza Greenwood of CIVICS: Personal identity involves more than money can buy, but it’s also part of an emerging digital asset class. The rise of “smart” phones, homes and cities accelerated by blockchain, smart contracts and mass-automation offer new modes for control, methods for valuation and mechanisms for exchange of key rights to this new asset type. What are the key issues, options and opportunities for innovative FinTech products, services and markets arising from this new digital asset class? Located in: Kathmandu room.

Robo-advisors led by Sean Kruzel of Astrocyte: In this discussion, we will cover how AI and other FinTech can be introduced to reduce groupthink and create more actionable results for investment teams. Located in: Aizawl room.

Democratizing Wealth Through Technology led by Gerard Michael of SmartLeaf: Come join Gerard Michael as he leads a discussion on how technology is enabling socially conscious investing and the rise of environmental, global, and social criteria in investments. Located in: Kolkata room.

May 24, 2018