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Recorded Live at Venture Café Cambridge

From Ski Hats to Audio Apps: The Stepping Stones to Entrepreneurship

Write the books you want to read, compose the music you want to hear, and build the tools you want to use. That's exactly what the founders of Clammr, a social audio app start-up, are doing.  Parviz Parvizi joins us from the Clammr team. After ...
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Going to Market and Key Concepts for Entrepreneurs

Why do some startups succeed while others fail? What are some of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs? How can you reach your market? If you couldn't be there when startups first got started, this interview might be the next best thing...Software industry veteran ...
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David Rose, serial entrepreneur & Internet of Things researcher, interviewed by

Heidi Legg from interviewed David Rose, product designer, serial entrepreneur, MIT Media Lab researcher LIVE at Venture Café on January 15th.   Heidi talked with David about his new book, Enchanted Objects, and about his MIT Lab Ditto, his Ambient Orb and about design, ...
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