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Recorded Live at Venture Café Cambridge

She Led Platoons in Afghanistan, and Now a Social Impact Startup in the States

Meet Kimberly Jung: Army veteran, Harvard Business School alumna, and now Co-Founder and CEO of Rumi Spice. Kimberly’s startup imports saffron directly from rural Afghanistan into the United States. Not only has this opened a completely new export channel, but it also created a new ...
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How a Wall Street Banker Literally Reinvented the Wheel

Nope, he didn’t have an engineering background or a tool shop (at first), but that didn’t stop him from literally reinventing the wheel in his own kitchen. Meet Michael Burtov, Founder and CEO of GeoOrbital. During a casual evening of watching Tron, Burtov had that ...
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Bees! How can urban bees solve a global farming problem?

Have you noticed the buzzing on the roof outside of Venture Café? That’s because we have some new neighbors: 10,000 Italian Honey Bees have moved in thanks to the Best Bees Company, a service that installs and manages hives for businesses and homes. Listen in ...
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Launching with Noise and Standing Your Ground

Kickstarter campaign fully funded within 15 hours. 25 media placements (e.g. Mashable and NBC) by the end of the campaign. Selected for MassChallenge 2015 Accelerator program out of 3,000 applicants. These are just a few of Tania Green’s accomplishments since launching her startup, PMS Bites, ...
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What does it take to be a #FemaleFounder ?

Olivia Dufour with Skye Flanigan One woman’s story of moving to Boston, founding companies, and understanding her own mission in life. Olivia Dufour moved from Montreal to join MassChallenge working on a sustainability solution for large companies, but, in the process, found self-sustainability. Through several ...
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