InsurTech Innovation Conference

JULY 30, 2020


InsurTech Innovation

This year, our signature InsurTech conference will address cyber risk , smart robots, and high technologies enabling insurtech solutions. We will begin with a discussion of cyber risk during Covid featuring insurtech local experts, followed by a webinar devoted to smart robotics powering smart cities. Join the experts as they discuss opportunities for insurers created by the employment of service robots and increased efficiency of delivery of services. During two sessions of Industry Insights, local entrepreneurs will share their developments addressing cyber security challenges and shed light on “ethical hacking.”

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JULY 30, 2020







Meet and connect with innovators disrupting the world of healthcare


InsurTech Innovation experts will feature a series of Industry Insights for entrepreneurs.


Four workshops featuring cutting-edge tech developed by local entrepreneurs


Take advantage of the experts and speakers by forming connections and asking questions


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2:10 – 3:00 Cyber Risk in Insurance during COVID-19

3:00 – 4:30 Round Robin: Smart Robots for Smart Cities: New Coverage Opportunities for Insurers

3:00 – 5:00 New England Virtual Networking

4:30 – 5:00 Industry Insights: Ethical Hacking

5:00 – 5:30 Industry Insights: Tackling CyberRisk. Startup Perspective


This is your chance to connect with local innovators, meet industry experts and ask the most pressing questions, and learn about ways to scale your digital health venture internationally.


Insurtech Innovation session 1

Cyber Risk in Insurance during COVID-19


Join us for a discussion from industry and insurance experts on emerging cyber risks in insurance during COVID-19 and how the markets are responding.

Insurtech Innovation session 1

Round Robin:

Smart Robots for Smart Cities: New Coverage Opportunities for Insurers


Humanoid robots won’t be roaming our streets anytime soon, but it won’t be long before service robots will deliver meals, medication and other essentials to the most vulnerable. As many governments look to transform urban communities into hyper-connected smart cities, they will partner with innovators to automate the delivery of essential human services across medical, caregiving, transportation, security, sanitation and emergency services. This presents an enormous opportunity for global service robot developers–not to mention new coverage opportunities for the world’s insurers.

Join SOMPO Digital Lab and its partners as they offer a glimpse into how Japan is collaborating with global innovators to populate their smart cities with the world’s smartest robots, and how Sompo, a 32 billion-dollar Tokyo-based insurer, looks to protect them.

Virtual Networking Lounge


Venture Cafe New England hosts a virtual networking lounge on the Remo platform. You’ll have the chance to reconnect with colleagues and friends and also meet some new ones!

Please enter the Networking Lounge on the Chrome browser and make sure all ad blockers are turned OFF.

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Insurtech Innovation session 3

Industry Insights:

Security Innovation: Cyber Range “Ethical Hacking”


Test your skills on the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Join your friends in a unique and challenging event featuring our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range running for 24 hours starting Thursday, July 30th at 2pm ET.

What is a Cyber Range? CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges are intentionally vulnerable applications and websites that tempt players to steal money, view their boss’s salary, buy expensive items for free, and conduct other nefarious acts. Hundreds of vulnerabilities, common to most business applications, lay waiting. For each vulnerability you find, you’ll get points added to your score and climb the live leaderboard. Top scorers get prizes, but all players have fun!

Worried you won’t know what to do? Don’t worry. We’ll provide cheatsheets and tips to get you quickly ramped up.

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Industry Insights:

Tackling CyberRisk. Startup Perspective.


Join the two startups as they walk-through an emerging threat in the cyberrisk market, and how they’re approaching a solution.