Nope, he didn’t have an engineering background or a tool shop (at first), but that didn’t stop him from literally reinventing the wheel in his own kitchen.

Meet Michael Burtov, Founder and CEO of GeoOrbital. During a casual evening of watching Tron, Burtov had that eureka moment– bike wheels have all this extra space that we never make use of. He was already a serial entrepreneur and had left a career in finance long ago, so his startup switch was flipped back on. He started experimenting, quit his 9 to 5, and built a prototype that convinced a handful of others to quit their jobs and join him in turning this prototype into a commercial product.

From building a powerful team to being featured on the Discovery Channel, tune-in for Burtov’s story.

Host & Producer: Katya Margolin, Content Creator & Multimedia Storyteller