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Venture Café New England COVID-19 Notice

Suspending In-Person Events at Venture Café Cambridge

Mitigating Risks of COVID-19 Virus Spread


Effective March 10, 2020, 11 AM EST


We are launching the “Virtual Venture Café” this week.  Virtual Venture Cafés will allow us to continue to share the great content produced by the Foundation while we monitor the evolving guidance on COVID-19.

Our virtual sessions will be broadcasted during our standard Thursday timeframe – 3:00 – 8:00 PM.

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-Venture Café New England Management

Effective March 4, 2020, 7 PM EST


As one of the largest and most frequent gatherings of the entrepreneurial/ innovation community in New England (or Rhode Island for Providence), Venture Café takes maintaining the health of the community we serve seriously.  We have been closely watching the spread of COVID-19 virus and the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that the virus is more likely to spread in the United States. Because of the global nature of our community, we have deemed it necessary to act with an abundance of caution as we host gatherings of the community.


In order to help prevent the spread of the virus to our startups and small businesses and the people that support them, the Venture Café Cambridge will not take place on Thursday, March 5, 2020.   Suspending our programming activity this week will allow our teams to properly plan our response to the spread of the COVID-9 virus.


It is our plan to replace our in-person programming that occurs each Thursday, with virtual Venture Café gatherings beginning March 12, 2020.  It is our intention to host virtual events temporarily until the virus threat subsides. Please stay tuned for additional details on how you may participate in Virtual Venture Cafés.  We look forward to working with you on this approach and refining it.


We will return to our classic in-person Café Night events at an appropriate time when we feel it is safe for the community to gather again.  We will continue to post updates on our websites and social media.


Thank you for your patience as we launch this virtual approach.  


Please check our event schedule for the latest updates to programming


-Venture Café New England Management


For Visitors to Venture Cafe New England Spaces and Programs

Mitigating Risks of COVID-19 Virus Spread


Effective March 4, 2020 – 9 AM, EST

Please check our event schedule for the latest updates to Cambridge programming


In reaction to the increasing spread of the coronavirus / COVID-19 virus, Venture Café New England is introducing precautions to limit the potential exposure of our community. Our locations, which include Venture Café Cambridge, District Hall Boston, Roxbury Innovation Center, District Hall Providence and Venture Café Providence, offer high attendance events that attract a large local and global attendance. Therefore, we have established guidelines that support a safe environment for networking.


The following guidelines apply to our spaces and programs:

  •  Anyone who has traveled from countries in the last thirty (30) days currently considered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to be Level 3 risk levels is being asked not to attend our programming due to the risks associated with the coronavirus. This includes any person who has engaged in airline transfers in countries that are classified as a Level 3 risk. The CDC currently designates the countries of China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran as Level 3 nations.


  • Out of an abundance of caution related to the risks associated with the coronavirus, anyone who has traveled from countries considered by the CDC to be Level 2 risk levels within the last fourteen (14) days should not attend our programming. Tours, visits and scheduled programming involving this segment of our community will be rescheduled or arranged via video. The CDC currently designates the country of Japan as a level 2 nation.


  • Anyone experiencing any symptoms related to a respiratory illness is being asked not to attend our programming until their symptoms have cleared.


  • Everyone should act prudently while attending our programming including 

    • Using soap and water as well as sanitary gel provided to keep hands clean.

    • Cough and sneeze in elbows or with a tissue that is then thrown in the trash.

    • Choose alternate greeting methods for the traditional handshake.



We appreciate your attention to keeping our community healthy. 

We will update these guidelines as needed.

Please check our event schedule for the latest updates to Cambridge programming


-Venture Café New England Management



CDC Types of Notices


Warning Level 3 (Red)Avoid all non-essential travel to this destination. The outbreak is of high risk to travelers and no precautions are available to protect against the identified increased risk.

Alert Level 2 (Yellow)Practice enhanced precautions for this destination. The Travel Health Notice describes additional precautions added or defines a specific at-risk population.

Watch Level 1 (Green)Practice usual precautions for this destination, as described in the Travel Health Notice and/or on the destination page. This includes being up-to-date on all recommended vaccines and practicing appropriate mosquito avoidance.


For complete details from the CDC, please visit