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Venture Café Cambridge’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019


Shop our staff picks for great gifts brought to you by local Greater Boston area startups that have demoed, pitched or presented at Venture Café during 2019. These startups goods will be available for purchase at our


5:30 – 7:30 PM


Beantrust will provide you with freshly roasted, artisanal whole bean coffee from sustainable farms and local roasters. Old world hospitality is the essence of beantrust and together we can create the coolest unique experience to connect people in your office. Offerings include whole bean sales (perfect stocking stuffer for your coffee lover friends), tasting events and consulting. 


The Corny Bread Company

The Corny Bread Company offers a variety of mouthwatering, versatile ‘prepared’ cornbread products which complement ANY meal!   Prepare yourselves to enjoy our distinctive cornbread creations with extraordinary tastes and textures!



Protea is a company that makes grab and go tea lattes. Our products are based on cafe lattes like London Fogs and Rooibos lattes. Our mission is to take something people already love and bring it into retail stores. We want tea lattes to be as accessible as coffee lattes. 



At UNfabricated, they create clothing, accessories and home furnishings with textile waste that are made by women in India who belong to low income families and seek to sustain a regular income. The gift that gives twice!

EatWell Meal Kits

EatWell creates affordable, nutritious meal kits for families and seniors facing diet-related chronic conditions or food insecurity, because wholesome food changes lives. 


Proud Pour

Our’s wines and cider support 22 environmental nonprofits protecting bees, oysters, and sea turtles. Proud Pour gives back >10% of top-line revenue, 10x the typical give back company. You can find their high quality drinks in 800 shops and restaurants, including plenty in Massachusetts. Just click the link above for a map of all the spots near you.


Shot Cakes

ShotCakes is founded on a simple concept: combining a fresh baked cupcake with creamy soft serve ice cream. By utilizing its patented & revolutionary ice cream technology, ShotCakes is able to serve its customers ice cream cupcakes, baked fresh and filled fresh!



Good for Me.Good for We.

100% of MeWe profits help put an end to childhood malnutrition worldwide. Since 2010, MeWe has supplied a life-saving, fortified nut butter called Plumpy’Nut to humanitarian aid agencies like UNICEF, World Food Programme, USAID and other NGO’s who are working in emergency and conflict zones. Their products have reached 10 million children across 50 countries, and they are just getting started.


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