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August 31, 2017


3:00 – 8:30 PM


FinTech Connect 2017


Save the date for Venture Cafe’s FinTech mini-conference, “Disrupting Wall Street”, taking place on August 31, 2017. This special ‘conference night’ event seeks to bring together the brightest minds who are building, funding, and innovating in the Greater Boston area’s FinTech Community. Join us for the evening to examine the shifts happening in payments, blockchain, lending, robo-advisors, insurance tech, and real estate. Come prepared to not only hear the best ideas and see the latest technologies but also to participate in building Boston’s FinTech innovation.


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 Brandeis University International Business School - FinTech Connect




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FinTech Connect is hosted by Venture Cafe and brought to the Greater Boston community by:


         Boston FinTech Meetup         Fintech Sandbox         DCU fintech innovation center












3:00 – 8:30 PM   NETWORKING

3:00 – 5:00 PM   OFFICE HOURS

4:15 – 5:15 PM   REVERSE PITCH (Presented by Brandeis International Business School)


5:30 – 8:00 PM    STARTUP DEMOS


6:45 – 7:45 PM    INVESTORS’ NIGHT OUT (Ask Them Anything)




Early stage ventures and prospective entrepreneurs have an opportunity to sign up for Office Hours during this event. Entrepreneurs may sign up for 30-minute consultations with a variety of experts.

Appointments can be made on a first come, first served basis. Any cancellations will require 48-hour notification in order to accommodate entrepreneurs who have been placed on a wait-list. No-shows are frowned upon in the VenCaf community and we reserve the right to disallow future appointments for repeat offenders.

Sign up for Office Hours here: https://venturecafecambridge.org/book-office-hours/


Special Office Hour Appointments (FinTech Connect only)

 During FinTech Connect, two Boston-area FinTech experts will be on hand to advise entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs on building and launching a venture in the space.  Reservations will open on August 11, 2017, and are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Jean Donnelly, FinTech Sandbox

Jean Donnelly, FinTech Sandbox


Sarah Biller_Distilled Analytics

Sarah Biller, Distilled Analytics



Michael Hayes, FeatureX

Michael Hayes, FeatureX



FINTECH REVERSE PITCH (Presented by Brandeis University)

Using the Reverse Pitch to Fill Gaps, Expand Ideation & Find Partners

Presented by Brandeis University, Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship at Brandeis International Business School


A reverse pitch is a request for input or expert opinion to solve an innovation challenge. A bank or fintech startup may ask an academic team to analyze or audit a model or dataset or to develop or test an algorithm. Or an industry leader may seek specific technologies from a startup. It’s a method for targeted expert-sourcing. Understanding this process can fill critical gaps, generate ideas, and help build connections with potential industry partners.

Brandeis International Business School offers such interactive programming between graduate students, start-up firms, and corporate partners. Their core strengths are in finance and predictive analytics and are ideal for partnerships with FinTech innovators.  Student consulting teams, led by faculty, also conduct market research and help develop business plans.

Led by Debarshi Nandy, this interactive panel and pitch will feature case studies on how the reverse pitch process works. We will then give start-ups and others a chance to pitch their needs to the community.

Debarshi Nandy, Brandeis University












Kai Dickerson_StateStreet_250

Kai Dickerson, StateStreet










Patrick Wood_Kensho Technologies_250

Patrick Wood, Kensho Technologies










Brandeis Student Teams



How I Built It: Navigating the Hurdles of Building a FinTech Startup

A few of the area’s FinTech startups will share their latest success milestones as well as how they got started, failures along the way and strategies that helped navigate the hurdles of building a FinTech venture.


Vasilios Roussos _DCU_250

Vasilios Roussos, DCU Fintech Innovation Center (Moderator)


Laurel Taylor_Future Fuel_250

Laurel Taylor, Future Fuel


Patrick Boyaggi_Rate Gravity_250

Patrick Boyaggi, Rate Gravity



Joe Zhou, Firstblood


Chetan Manikantan_TenguPay250

Chetan Manikantan, TenguPay





Venture Cafe demos are a great way to gain exposure through our online and offline channels. During our FinTech Connect event, Venture Café will give a selection of the area’s start-ups, inventors and researchers an opportunity to showcase their work to the Boston community.


Conference Night- Startup Demos (3)




Are you a subject matter expert in the FinTechspace (entrepreneur, investor, service provider, etc)? Submit your idea for a session during our FinTech Community Flash Talk. These sessions will be community-generated, lightening sessions comprised of 30 minutes of content and 15 minutes of networking for each session.




Dazza-Greenwood_FinTech Flash Talk

MIT Media Lab and CIVICS.com


“Identity & Personal Data as an Asset Class”

6:00 PM l Kathmandu (4th floor)

Presenter: Daniel ‘Dazza’ Greenwood, MIT Media Lab








Christina Qi_FinTech Flash Talk

Christina Qi
The New Face of Asset Management


“The New Face of Asset Management”

6:45 PM l Kathmandu (4th floor)

Presenter: Christina Qi, Domeyard LP









Patrick Boyaggi_FinTech Flash Talk

Patrick Boyaggi
Fintech: Bringing Transparency to Financial Services


“FinTech: Bringing Transparency to Financial Services”

7:30 l Kathmandu (4th floor)

Presenter: Patrick Boyaggi, RateGravity







Sophia Lin_FinTech Flash Talk

Sophia Lin
Are Robo-Advisors Disrupting Wall Street? The Data, The Facts, and The Future.


“Are Robo-Advisors Disrupting Wall Street? The Data, The Facts, and The Future”

7:30 PM l Darjeeling (4th floor)

Presenter: Sophia Lin, Keel.io







Andreas Randow_FinTech Flash Talk

Andreas Randow
Semantic Mapping for AI-based Integration Initiatives


“Semantic Mapping for AI-based Integration Initiatives”

6:00 PM l Darjeeling (4th floor)

Presenter: Andreas Randow & Jeff Maclaren, Mond Cloud




Semantic Mapping for AI-based Integration Initiatives

Jeff Maclaren –  Semantic Mapping for AI-based Integration Initiatives











Susan Parente_FinTech Flash Talk

Susan Parente
It’s Not Just About the Tech


“It’s Not Just About the Tech”

6:45 PM l Darjeeling (4th floor)

Presenter: Susan Parente – Tier One Partners


Ask Them Anything

We are breaking away from the panel and giving entrepreneurs one full hour to ask investors anything. Patterned after the popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) model, we have secured a selection of Fintech VCs and angels to offer insights into building a successful venture, partnering with legacy finance companies and more.

This will be a high-demand session. In order to attend, please complete this form: http://bit.ly/fintech_ata

Investors include the following:


Jennifer Jordan, Mass Ventures

Jennifer Jordan, Mass Ventures









Shereen Shermak

Shereen Shermak, FinTech Angel


Russ MacTough_Liberty Mutual Ventures_VentureCafe

Russ MacTough, Liberty Mutual Ventures


Ian Sheridan Vestigo Ventures

Ian Sheridan, Vestigo Ventures


Charles Svirk, Mass Mutual Ventures

Charles Svirk, Mass Mutual Ventures


Jack Klinck Hyperplane VC

Jack Klinck, Hyperplane Venture Capital



Debarshi Nandy

Brandeis International Business School

Kai Dickerson, State Street

Kai Dickerson

State Street

Patrick Wood, Kensho Technologies

Patrick Wood

Kensho Technologies

Sarah Biller, Distilled Analytic

Sarah Biller

Distilled Analytics

Shereen Shermak, FinTech Angel

Shereen Shermak

FinTech Angel

Ian Sheridan, Vestigo Ventures

Ian Sheridan

Vestigo Ventures

Russ MacTough, Liberty Mutual Ventures

Russ MacTough

Liberty Mutual Ventures

Charles Svirk, Mass Mutual Ventures

Charles Svirk

Mass Mutual Ventures

Jack Klinck, Hyperplane VC

Jack Klinck

Hyperplane Venture Capital

Vasilios Roussos, DCU Fintech Innovation Center

Vasilios Roussos

DCU Fintech Innovation Center

Laurel Taylor, Future Fuel

Laurel Taylor

Future Fuel

Patrick Boyaggi, Rate Gravity

Patrick Boyaggi

Rate Gravity

Joe Zhou, Firstblood

Joe Zhou


Jean Donnelly, FinTech Sandbox

Jean Donnelly

FinTech Sandbox


Chetan Manikantan



Sarah Biller

Distilled Analytics

Jennifer-Jordan, Mass-Ventures

Jennifer Jordan

Mass Ventures

Dazza-Greenwood, MIT Media Lab

Daniel Greenwood

MIT Media Lab

Christina-Qi, Domeyard LP

Christina Qi

Domeyard LP

Sophia-Lin, Keel.io

Sophia Lin


Andreas Randow, Proper Orange

Andreas Randow 

Proper Orange

Jeff-Maclaren, Proper Orange

Jeff Maclaren

Proper Orange

Susan-Parente, Tier One Partners

Susan Parente

Tier One Partners

Debarshi K Nandy_Brandeis

Debarshi K. Nandy

Brandeis International Business School

Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes




Brandeis University International Business School - FinTech Connect

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