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In an increasingly global society, collaboration and knowledge-sharing between countries offer opportunities for expedited and cost-effective advancements in the medical and biotech fields. At the same time, creating global devices can also present challenges, as innovators have to navigate different standards and requirements. Using the booming biotech industries in Boston and Japan as case studies, this virtual conference will address the obstacles and opportunities in global collaboration.

We believe CIC and Venture Café are the perfect soft landing network for Japanese Biotechs.

We’ll help you maximize partnering opportunities with the Cambridge Innovation ecosystem to:

  • Maximize partnering opportunities with Japanese Biotech, Pharma and Healthtech companies:
  • meet potential business partners,
  • create new business opportunities
  • develop partnerships and business cooperation with Japanese companies
  • increase your knowledge about the Japanese market and become more competitive on a global scale (as an SME)
  • prepare the ground for practical cluster cooperation with Japanese counterparts (as a cluster)

Join the discussion, meet other innovators and take your business to the next level!


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