“I tend to do something when I get irked, so I founded Innovation Women.” – Bobbie Carlton

Some of the best entrepreneurs are often responding to a problem or a need they have observed. That’s exactly what Bobbie Carlton is doing.

Innovation Women, a visibility bureau for entrepreneurial and technical women, is a response to the fact that most event speakers are men, even though there are plenty of innovative women with valuable expertise to share. Bobbie is working to close the gap by building gender-balanced panels and equal visibility opportunities for women.

But, this isn’t Bobbie’s first rodeo.

Bobbie Carlton is an award-winning marketing, PR, and social media professional. Having worked with companies ranging from IBM to small startups, Bobbie went on to found her own PR and marketing agency: Carleton PR and Marketing. Since then, she has harnessed her communications skills to help entrepreneurs get visibility by hosting Mass Innovation Nights, a free, monthly product launch party and networking event. Now, Bobbie is focusing on addressing an ongoing gap in leadership through her latest venture: Innovation Women.

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Bobbie Carlton

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