Contributor Model


In order to ensure that the weekly attendees of Venture Café Cambridge are committed to our mission and credo, we operate with a Contributor Model.

Our Contributor Model is designed to identify and recognize community members who can advance our mission through their individual contributions. We’re not asking for money, instead we ask for something of even greater value: your time and your ability to help others and make an impact.  Most importantly, we ask that you share both resources with the community. We’ve found that adopting a pay it forward mindset and asking yourself how you can help are great ways to contribute.  Our Contributor Model works like this:

  • We encourage innovation community participants to try out the Venture Café for up to three visits.  These visits give you a chance to check out the other participants and let our community and team get to know you.
  • Before your fourth visit, we ask that you complete our Contributor Application.  This application simply asks you to:
  • Describe how you‘d contribute the community.
  • Provide 1 – 3 references (these may be Venture Café participants, volunteers, or staff as well as well-known members of the innovation community). When seeking references, please remember not to sell.
  • Submit your  LinkedIN profile.


  • Contributor applications must be approved be the Venture Café staff before attending a fourth time (our registration system automatically checks for remaining visits).  Due to obtaining feedback from your references, this approval process can take two or three weeks.
  • Applicants are notified by email that they have been approved or denied as Contributors.  Due to obtaining feedback from your references, this approval process can take two or three weeks.
  • Contributors can continue to visit the Venture Café past the third time as long as they continue to operate within our credo.  Venture Café reserves the right to dis-invite any individual that its management feels, in their sole judgment, detracts from achieving its mission or infringes on the Café’s credo.

Please contact us with any questions.

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