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Biotech Connect

Life Sciences Technologies

JUNE 25, 2020


Life Sciences Technologies

Bio Connect is Venture Café’s annual conference bringing together entrepreneurs and experts innovating in the areas of life sciences, digital health, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and bio technologies. This year, we will discuss recent developments for disease treatment, trends in research and device development, technologies facilitating major breakthroughs, and opportunities for startups. The second part of the event will focus on funding biotech ventures, featuring local accelerators and incubators in a discussion of technologies and solutions that are currently and prospectively, have a higher likelihood to obtain funding. During the Shark Tank session, five local startups will have an opportunity to pitch a panel of local investor judges. This event will also feature a series of Industry Insights addressing virtual fundraising strategies for entrepreneurs, portfolio management tools for investors, and individual technologies that are disrupting life sciences.


JUNE 25, 2020






Meet and connect with innovators disrupting the world of healthcare


Biotech experts will feature a series of Industry Insights addressing virtual fundraising strategies for entrepreneurs.


Four workshops featuring cutting-edge tech developed by local entrepreneurs


Take advantage of the experts and speakers by forming connections and asking questions


Bio Connect Conference 2020
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 Bio Connect 2020
Bio Connect Venture Cafe
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1:00 – 1:45 Diversity in Biotech

2:00 – 2:45 Fireside Chat: BioTech 2020. Trends, Technologies, and Opportunities

3:00 – 5:00 New England Virtual Networking

3:00 – 4:00 Building an Efficient Accounting Function and Maximizing Tax Savings for VC Investment or Sale

4:30 – 5:00 Industry Insights: Solutions for COVID-19

4:30 – 5:00 Industry Insights: Chronic care in the era of COVID-19 with Tele-health and AI platforms

5:00 – 6:00 Shark Tank


This is your chance to connect with local innovators, meet industry experts and ask the most pressing questions, and learn about ways to scale your digital health venture internationally.


Bio Connect Conference 2020

Diversity in Biotech


Diversity in Tech is Venture Café’s signature program bringing together New England’s most prominent entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and innovators with diverse career and ethnic backgrounds for knowledge-sharing and community building. This Diversity in Biotech session features Dan Gebremedhin of Flare Capital partners and Dr. Xi-Yong Fu of Luye US R&D in a discussion of personal experiences and strategies for building, running, growing, and funding successful tech ventures.

Bio Connect Conference 2020

Fireside Chat: Bio Tech 2020. Trends, Technologies, and Opportunities.


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Xiajun is a life science veteran with >20 years of Research, Commercial and Entrepreneurial experience in both US and Chinese markets. He started his career as a medicinal chemist at Pfizer Groton site.  He then switched to commercial side of life science industry, leading multiple new product launches in global and Chinese market for Eli Lilly and Genzyme (acquired by Sanofi).  His last corporate position was global marketing director for Charles River Lab,managing marketing activities for its Discovery Services and Toxicology Services (> $700M revenue). As a serial entrepreneur, Jun has co-founded several healthcare startups in USand China. He led the exit of the virtual drug discovery company,  Northlake International,  by successfully selling its key asset to large pharma. Jun has also advised VC firms, early life science companies, and Chinese public companies on business strategy, cross-border collaboration and investment activities. Jun holds a BS degree from Peking University,  MS in Chemistry from University of Pittsburgh, and MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

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Virtual Networking Lounge


Venture Cafe New England hosts a virtual networking lounge on the Remo platform. You’ll have the chance to reconnect with colleagues and friends and also meet some new ones!

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Bio Connect Conference 2020

Building an Efficient Accounting Function and Maximizing Tax Savings for VC Investment or Sale


Join Michael Corrente and David Lewin, Managing Directors in the Life Science Practice at CBIZ & MHM (an accounting, tax, and advisory firm) as they discuss accounting and reporting strategies as your firm’s finance function grows and will identify potential tax-saving opportunities when preparing for VC investment or potential sale. Their presentation will cover: · Accounting considerations and financial housekeeping items; · Audit readiness and resources to enhance your team; and · How to capitalize on the benefits of the R&D tax credit, CARES Act, and the impact of disaster related losses on life science companies.

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Bio Connect Conference 2020

Industry Insights: Solutions for COVID-19


What has been changed and what needs to be changed during the Covid-19 pandemic? The 2 top tier Chinese pharmaceutical companies, Simcere and Jacobio, will share their unique experience and insights on the innovation landscape and actions post Covid-19. China’s pharmaceutical industry in the era of COVID-19. The true story of how Jacobio kept doing R&D during Covid-19.

Bio Connect Conference 2020

Industry Insights: Chronic Care in the Era of COVID-19 with Tele-health and AI Platforms



Shark Tank Bio Connect

Shark Tank