Venture Café Foundation


The Venture Café Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit whose goal is to enhance and accelerate innovation in the Greater Boston region. The foundation does that by offering meeting space, programming, and connections that build relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators.

Our mission is to broaden, connect, and support the innovation community through a public network of spaces and programs to help anyone with an idea succeed.

Our vision is to connect New England-based individuals, communities and organizations into one tightly woven successful innovation network.

What we believe …
  • Anyone with an idea has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur or innovator.
  • Relationships are a critical success factor for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Innovation ecosystems are at their strongest when the largest, varied segments of its population are participating.
  • Equal access to a social support system can strengthen entrepreneurship, communities, and economies.


Innovation Meeting Spaces


  • Venture Café Cambridge – Located inside the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) at 1 Broadway in Kendall Square, this space is taken over by Venture Café Foundation each week for programming. Complimentary event space is available on Thursdays for organizations within the innovation community. During this weekly event, the space is used exclusively for events that are free and open to the community and that are in line with the organization’s mission. Learn more.
  • District Hall – Located in Boston’s ‘Innovation District,’ District Hall is the world’s first civic innovation center in the Boston region. District Hall offers an open workspace for individuals and meeting room rentals for the innovation community to gather and exchange ideas. Learn more.
  • Roxbury Innovation Center – Located inside the Bolling building at Dudley Square, it is the first neighborhood innovation center focused on community entrepreneurship and economic development. The Roxbury Innovation Center offers programming and rental space to catalyze entrepreneurship and innovation within the Roxbury community. Learn more.



Innovation Programs


  • StartHub – an online hub for Greater Boston’s startup and innovation community which publishes a growing list of events, courses, resources, jobs, startups, workspace, investors and more. Learn more.
  • Civic Innovation Conversations Series – In partnership with Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center New England, this quarterly panel series focuses on the needs and use of technology and innovation to increase civic services and community well-being. Previous topics included transportation, education, health, and neighborhoods.  Sign up for email alerts on these thought-provoking talks.
  • Veterans Entrepreneurship – Organized in partnership with Suburban, this event series is designed to inspire veterans to consider entrepreneurship as a career path. Venture Café Foundation hosts quarterly talks on veteran entrepreneurship. Sign up for email alerts on these thought-provoking talks.
  • Venture Café Presents – an online video series brought to the community in partnership with ArcPoint Communications. It features interviews with entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, technologists, educators, civic leaders, government officials, and others —  documenting their compelling stories, valuable lessons, and interesting anecdotes from across the Greater Boston’s innovation and entrepreneurial community. Learn more.


Enterprise Innovation Services


  • Innovation Visitors Bureau (IVB) –  provides an overview and tour of the Greater Boston Innovation Ecosystem to visiting delegations from around the world that want to learn more about the successful startup environment. Learn more.
  • Captains of Innovation Program – an educational and matching service that helps large enterprises connect with Greater Boston’s startups and strategize for the future of their industries. Learn more.