Meet Galen Karlan-Mason, CEO & Founder at GreenChoice

October 29, 2019

GreenChoice is a data-driven platform empowering consumers to make informed food choices and leading the industry to supply food that’s good for us and the planet.

Growing up in rural Vermont, Galen learned the important impact our food choices have on the planet as well as on our personal health and well-being. Nonetheless, faced with food allergies, it was a struggle to match his values with his health goals and dietary needs. Driven by his experience, Galen set out to build a platform that curates comprehensive, trustworthy, and personalized food data and insights to simplify the process of figuring out what products to eat and buy.

Watch the video below to learn more about Galen and GreenChoice:

GreenChoice was recognized as a ‘Startup to Watch’ by StartHub, a program of the Venture Café Foundation. You can learn more about GreenChoice in our insider interview with Galen here: Spotlight on: GreenChoice, StartHub’s Startup to Watch



Want to know more? Visit www.greenchoicenow.com


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