Meet Phil Kongtcheu, Founder and CEO of eMotionRx

April 30, 2019

eMotionRx invents, develops and market medical devices for people with mobility problems. These range from exoskeletons for people with weak or paralyzed limbs to inclusive fitness devices that helps a wide range of people with mobility issues related to disability and aging.

One such device is the Philgood, a mobility enhancing chair that was the winner of a first prize at the 2019 MIT Assistive Tech Competition ATHack, and has drawn attention from all over the world including the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing, and Innovate UK, Sompo Holdings in Japan, and Harvard Medical School, Spaulding Rehabilitation, and leaders in medical device technology from MIT.

Research and the personal experience of the founder of this company shows that rehabilitation works best when people are strategically given limited support devices that stimulate them to develop their own muscular strength, grow new neural pathways and give them a sense of agency over their progress. Rather than a one-size fits all or offering temporary relief without considering long term negative effects, eMotionRx is developing a series of devices and tools tailor-made for each individual’s unique recovery potential and level of impairment.

Stricken with polio twice, Phil was determined to find a shareable solution to how people with weak or paralyzed limbs may (re)learn how to stand up and walk again. As a result of his successful personal experience, he wants to help others and make their journey easier with the progressive support of eMotionRx’s rehabilitative medical devices.

Watch the video below to learn more about Phil and eMotionRx:



Want to know more? Visit http://emotionrx.com/


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