Meet Rachel Pardue and Kyle Lawson, Co-Founders of LOU

March 12, 2019

LOU simplifies customer success by enabling companies to upgrade lengthy help center documents and training videos into effortless interactive tutorials that teach users while they work.

The idea of LOU came about when Rachel was helping her grandparents send a Happy Birthday message on Facebook to her Aunt Lou. She knew there had to be a better way to handle this tedious, but simple, task. At the time, she was participating in Babson’s Summer Catalyst Program where she teamed up with Kyle, and together, they found that this problem was a really common one with more complex SaaS platforms. These companies would spend weeks training their employees on how to use the platform. What started as an idea to help guide her grandparents through how to wish Aunt Lou a Happy Birthday on Facebook has turned into an enterprise software solution for large online business tool companies.

Watch the video below to learn more about Rachel and Kyle’s story and LOU:

LOU was recognized as a ‘Startup to Watch’ by StartHub, a program of the Venture Café Foundation. You can learn more about LOU in our insider interview with Rachel and Kyle here: Spotlight on: LOU, StartHub’s Startup to Watch



Want to know more? Visit https://www.louassist.com/


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