Meet David Rodriguez, Sabine Valenga, and Victor Carreño, Co-Founders of Food For All

October 23, 2018

Food for All is a marketplace for restaurants to sell their left-overs at the end of their business day to customers, for up to 80% cheaper than their original price.

Food waste is a huge environmental problem – 40% of the food produced in the US goes to waste and is the largest single product found in landfills. After a successful kickstarter campaign, co-founders David Rodriguez, Sabine Valenga, and Victor Carreño raised their initial funds that helped with the development of the app. Since then, Food For All has proven to be an incredibly effective tool to spread awareness about food waste, as well as an incentive for both users and restaurants to take action in a delicious way.

Watch the video below to learn more about Food For All’s story:



Want to know more? Visit https://foodforall.com/


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